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EMDR Therapist training information

Qualifications for attending the EMDR Training:

A clinical background is necessary for the effective application of EMDR. Attendance at the workshop is limited to all levels of clinical social workers, psychologist, psychiatrist and mental health professionals who have a master’s degree or higher in the mental health field and are licensed.

Student/ Intern Requirements: Enrolment in a graduate program at an accredited school, completion of graduate level course work and in licensing track under state sanctioned supervision guidelines. Please submit a detailed CV and a copy of your student I.D.

Training workshops will be presented by _________ . R__________ is a certified Clinical, Family and Marital Therapist, as well as a member, trainer and therapist of

The venue for training will be:

The training dates schedules for 2017 are as follows:

Workshop registration is at 8.00 am – Workshop starts at 8.30am and finishes at 5.30pm.
Please note, the third day the workshop finishes at 4.00pm

The cost of training:

EMDR Level 1 Training:  per person

EMDR Level 2 Training:  per person

EMDR Consultation/Supervision: 0 per hour per person (i.e.  after Level 1 Training and   after level 2 training)

EMDR with Children and Groups:  per person

A 30% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required in order to register for the workshop. If the workshop is cancelled by the trainer due to insufficient numbers the deposit will be refunded.

EMDR Level 1 Training

EMDR is a specialized approach to psychotherapy that requires supervised training for full therapeutic effectiveness and client safety. The training workshops will consist of lectures, live and videotaped demonstrations, and supervised practice. This experiential training will familiarize participants with a broad spectrum of EMDR applications sufficient for comfortable and efficient use with a wide range patients and situations. Special attention will be given to the therapeutic needs of clients.

The format of the workshops has been designed by the originator of EMDR, dr. Francine Shapiro. The training is presented by workshop leaders that have been individually selected and trained by dr. Shapiro to provide the comprehensive information necessary for effective utilization of EMDR. The workshop itself and the workshop program follows the model created and taught by Dr. Shapiro since 1990.

The EMDR Basic Training, comprised of Level 1 and 2, is designed for licensed mental health practitioners who treat clients in a clinical setting. Training highlights will be::

Level 1 training consists of 10 hours didactic/theoretical training and 5 hours of supervised practice. During this training you will be trained and empowered:

It is recommended that you practice the skills learned in Weekend 1 with selected clients for a minimum of 20-30 sessions before attending Weekend 2.

EMDR with Children

This is a t Two Day Workshop on using EMDR with Children. During this workshop you will earn:

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EMDR Level 2 Training

Level 2 training consists of 10 hours didactic/theoretical training and 5 hours of supervised practice. During this training you will be trained and empowered:

To complete the training 10 hours of case supervision with an EMDR Institute Approved Consultant is required - 5 hours after level 1 training and prior to Level 2 ,and another 5 hours after Level 2. During your time of training you are also required to read the textbook, EMDR: Basic Principles, Protocols and Procedures (Shapiro 2001).

After the abovementioned requirements have been fulfilled, you will receive your certificate of completion. Please take note: No certificate of completion will be issued after Level 1 training.